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Carbon Balance the paper content of your printed matter using FEDRIGONI papers


What is Carbon Balanced Paper?

Carbon Balanced Paper is paper that has been used, or designated for use, as printed matter for an organisation, and where the organisation contributes a small sum of money, to offset the environmental impacts of carbon produced during the production of their printed communications.



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Why Carbon Balanced Paper ?


There’s been a revolution in the past two decades, and you’ve been part of it!


Paper is now regarded as one of the world’s great sustainable products. It is biodegradable, recyclable and made from a renewable raw material. And it’s thanks to the whole print supply chain that terms like FSC, PEFC and Recycled Content have entered the mainstream.


Carbon Balanced Paper in partnership with World Land Trust, is the next big step. It’s come at a time when businesses and consumers are looking for every way they can to reduce their carbon impacts.



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Why Reduce Carbon?


Carbon reduction is good for the planet and for business.


Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives now dictate the esteem in which brands are held, and pro low-carbon statements from business leaders such as the Copenhagen Communiqué, which called for reductions in carbon emissions of 50-85% by 2050, indicate clearly the importance business now attaches to the issue.


The low-carbon economy is on its way. Today, a carbon reduction strategy is a competitive advantage. Tomorrow, it will be standard business practice.

Using paper where the carbon impacts have been balanced by the World Land Trust, will help your company meet and exceed its environmental policy targets, economically and effectively.

By using the Carbon Balanced Paper on-product logo, a business can convey that success on all their printed material.



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How Carbon Balancing works


Put simply, Carbon Balancing is where the carbon impact of a product or service has been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is either prevented from being released into, or is absorbed from, the atmosphere.


Carbon Balancing is delivered by World Land Trust, an international conservation charity which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre.

Their Carbon Balanced Programme offsets emissions through the purchase and preservation of high conservation value forests.                                                  

Sir David Attenborough is a key patron of the trust.


Through land purchase of ecologically important standing forests under threat of clearance, carbon is locked that would otherwise be released. These protected forests are then able to continue absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. This is now recognised as one of the swiftest ways to arrest the rise of atmospheric CO2 and global warming effects.


Since its’ launch in 2013 more than 2,000 organisations in Ireland & the UK have now used Carbon Balanced Paper, balancing more than 153,000 tonnes of CO2 and preserving 13,140 acres of ecologically endangered land with World Land Trust.






How can our organisation Carbon Balance our printed paper ?


If your existing printed collateral was printed using Fedrigoni branded papers, then you can still retrospectively register this print-job and receive a certificate stating that you have carbon balanced the paper.


If you are planning new printed brochures, publications, letterheads etc using Fedrigoni papers, then by registering with us in advance, you can receive a certificate as well as World Land Trust logos that contain the unique certificate number. These logos can be used on your printed collateral.


For more information on how to register, email






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