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Velo Tissue Paper Tangerine

Velo Tissue Paper Tangerine
ProductVelo Tissue Paper Tangerine
Weight21 gsm
Size500 x 760
Velo Tissue Paper Scarlet Velo Tissue Paper Sky Blue Velo Tissue Paper Royal Blue Velo Tissue Paper Shocking Pink Velo Tissue Paper Tangerine Velo Tissue Paper Silver Velo Tissue Paper Soft Ivory Velo Tissue Paper Meadow Grass Velo Tissue Paper Lemon Velo Tissue Paper Turquoise Velo Tissue Paper Snow Velo Tissue Paper Midnight

1 pack @ € 48.00 each (500 sheets)

Cost € 48.00 excl. vat

( € 59.04 incl. vat )


Price List

1 pack + € 48.00 per pack

Velo Tissue Paper Tangerine


High quality, luxury tissue paper in a bright orange tangerine shade.
Sheet size 500mm x 760mm

Our ‘Velo’ Tissue Paper is a high quality, luxury tissue paper available in a wide range of colours.
‘Velo’ is the Italian for the word ‘Veil’ which is what this tissue paper does so well. It acts as a veil around the product to not only protect but also add that touch of elegance and sophistication to your packaging making it really stand out - how ‘Bellissimo!’

Thanks to it’s strength and variety of colours available, Velo Tissue Paper is the perfect choice when choosing a quality tissue paper for your brand or product. The elegance of the metallic colours make them perfect for gift-wrapping or for luxury items, while the other colours can suit many different items with shades ranging from dark blue to bright pink.

This paper is ideal for: wrapping gifts, clothes, ceramics, jewellery, art prints, paintings, greeting cards and more. Each pack is available in a ream of 500 sheets.

Here are some important points to note:

- As the paper is not treated to be flame-resistant please take
care if near any flame or flammable item.

- The dyes used are not carcogenic nor do they present
characteristics of toxicity.

- If the coloured tissue paper comes in contact with water,
humidity, acids or fats, then it may release colour.

- This tissue paper is not classified as food-safe
therefore it is not certified for use in direct
contact with food or beverages.





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